A Streamlined Process for Term Life Insurance





Now you have a choice to submit our brief two page form, or use to submit an insurance request for any one of seven leading term carriers! 

Term life insurance is critical to most financial plans and to your clients’ financial future.  Yet most advisors avoid addressing this client need due to the cumbersome and time consuming process required.  With Quick Submit, you can help your clients readily obtain the coverage they need to protect themselves for the benefit of their families and their businesses using our easy, streamlined process.

  • Eliminates the lengthy paper application process
  • No need to ask awkward medical or financial questions
  • Just submit a term life insurance request via the on-line ticket
  • Clients are then contacted by the tele-underwriter to complete the application and schedule an exam, if needed
  • This approach also minimizes medical records requests and the need to re-contact your client
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