Protective's Custom Choice UL- Mortgage Protection (8/22/18)


Looking for life insurance coverage to protect your clients’ mortgage that eventually decreases along with their mortgage balance? Protective offers your client more coverage than they need for the mortgage, along with a decreasing face-amount feature down the road…all for a lower premium.

With Protective Life’s Custom Choice UL, your clients can afford a bigger death benefit. This covers not only the mortgage, but other outstanding debt during the years when it's crucial – raising young children, college, etc.
How does this work?
Protective’s Custom Choice UL has a decreasing face amount after the level benefit period. For example, instead of buying a 30-year term, your client can purchase a 20-year term with a higher face amount for less premium. After the level benefit period (starting in year 21), the decreasing face amount is comparable to the decreasing mortgage balance. It’s a win-win!
Check out how it works here.