Protective Enhances ExtendCare Rider (5/31/17)

Protective Life Insurance Company is pleased to announce that our new ExtendCare Rider will be available with Protective Investors ChoiceSM VUL and Protective® Strategic Objectives VUL effective June 1, 2017. This new ExtendCare Rider launched with Protective Advantage ChoiceSM UL and Protective Indexed ChoiceSM UL April 17, 2017.1

 Here are some key features to consider with the new ExtendCare Rider:

  • Removal of the permanent loss of two Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) requirement—there is now an expectation that the condition will last one year
  • Premiums and policy expenses are waived while the insured is on claim
  • If the insured is certified as chronically ill three consecutive times, policy charges will be waived permanently

As a reminder, ExtendCare is an optional rider that allows your clients to advance their policy's death benefit to use for any potential chronic illness needs. The policy death benefit can be accessed after a waiting period should the insured become chronically ill as certified by a licensed physician. This rider is only available at policy issue for applicants between the ages of 20 - 80 years old, at an additional cost.2 With ExtendCare, your clients can:

  • Access a monthly benefit amount up to 5% of the base policy's death benefit, not to exceed $10,8003
  • Cover expenses without providing proof of care
  • Receive monthly benefit payments directly
  • Pay for family and informal care, and medical or non-medical expenses
  • Leave any unused portion of the death benefit for loved ones

Transition Rules

Protective Life can begin processing applications and issuing policies with the new ExtendCare rider on June 1, 2017 in approved states. In addition, the ELI (illustration) system will also begin quoting the new ExtendCare 2017 rider in all approved states on June 1, 2017.

Subject to state approval, all applications signed and received on or before June 7, 2017 will be processed according to the accompanying illustration. Applications signed and received after June 7, 2017 will be processed with the new ExtendCare Rider (2017) and a new illustration may be required.

Subject to state approval, all TeleLife applications signed and received by June 29, 2017 will be processed according to the accompanying illustration. Applications signed and received after June 29, 2017 will be processed with the new Extend Care Rider (2017).

Applications that are currently in underwriting may be switched to the new ExtendCare Rider (2017) upon request. When switching to the new rider, a revised illustration will be required before policy issue.


The illustration must match the version of the ExtendCare Rider before the policy is issued.



This is only a summary of ExtendCare benefits. Actual terms and conditions contained in the rider govern all benefits provided. Please see the rider for more detailed information. Available only at issue and at an additional cost. Assumes medical and financial underwriting qualifications at time of initial application.

ExtendCare falls under IRC Sec. 101(g) Accelerated Death Benefit guidelines and does not fall under health regulations. This differentiation could affect eligibility for public assistance programs such as Medicaid, Supplemental Income, or others. Purchasers should consult a qualified advisor along with a legal or tax advisor to determine if the rider will affect their initial or continued eligibility for public assistance or other tax-related decisions.


ExtendCare (ICC12-L630 and L630) is issued by Protective Life Insurance Company (PLICO) which is located in Birmingham, AL. Subject to underwriting and up to a 2-year contestable and suicide period. Benefits adjusted for misstatements of age or sex. Consult policy for benefits, riders, limitations and exclusions. In Montana, unisex benefits and rates apply. Policy form numbers, product features and availability may vary by state. PLICO does not render legal or tax advice. Information in this summary is based on current tax laws that are subject to change. Individuals should consult their attorney or tax advisor regarding their individual situation.