Principal Universal Life Protector IV re-price in August (7/31/17)

Effective August 28, 2017, we’ll be updating Principal Universal Life Protector IV pricing for new-issue policies. Taking this action helps ensure the ongoing viability of the product and allows us to continue to deliver on the commitments we have to current policyholders.

  • Rates will increase approximately 4 percent, with some rates higher and some lower than this overall average. By premium-paying pattern, average increases are:
    • Approximately 4-5 percent for level pay
    • Approximately 2 percent for single pay.
  • Applications must be received in good order in our home office by August 27 to receive current (5/2013) rates. Applications received after this date will receive new (8/2017) rates. View full transition guidelines.
  • Rates will be effective in all states and the District of Columbia.