Legal & General- Outdated HIPAA Delays Underwriting (8/2/17)

The Authorization to Obtain and Disclose Information forms ("HIPAA" forms) for Banner and William Penn were updated in 2016. They were updated again in the first quarter of 2017, at which time you were notified that we would accept the prior HIPAA forms until April 24, 2017. 

We are rejecting a large number of applications because agencies are either sending outdated HIPAA forms or not including them at all. This is delaying service for our customers because we cannot begin underwriting unless we have a current HIPAA form that is fully completed and signed. 

Among the important changes to the form in 2016 were enhanced lists of sources from which we may obtain personal information and the types of information collected. The new form is more transparent and promotes a better understanding of the Authorization by the Proposed Insured. 

In 2017, we added "genetic information and genetic testing results" to the LU1250 HIPAA form, and the LU1282 PDF packages that contain the HIPAA form.






Please discontinue use of any now-obsolete consent forms and update any online posting. The 2017 HIPAA form is available on the Partner Dashboard > Forms. Click on your state. You'll find LU1250 in the Privacy Policy category and LU1282 in Applications > Reinstatement. Please discard previous versions. All form vendors have been notified for implementation.