Legal & General America - OPTerm Rate Change

Consistent, Competitive Pricing

Legal & General America - February 26, 2018 OPTerm Rate Change

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At all ages*, classes, amounts, and durations, OPTerm pricing for Banner ranks #1 - 78% of the time. For William Penn, pricing ranks #1 - 87% of the time.

New rates include a mix of decreases and increases. Rate decreases restored our #1 price ranking against core competitors, and focused in these areas:

  • OPTerm 20, younger lives at $250K and higher
  • OPTerm 25, $500K and higher
  • OPTerm 30, ages 40+ at $500K and higher

Only 8% of rates increased, and focused in these areas:

  • OPTerm 10, lower face amounts
  • OPTerm 15, females at higher age
  • OPTerm 20, females at higher ages, non-smokers

*Price rankings based on both Banner and William Penn OPTerm monthly pricing at quinquennial ages