American General Discontinues ROP Select-a-Term (7/17/17)

American General has formally announced plans to discontinue AG ROP Select-a-Term

 Effective September 29, 2017 AG ROP Select-a-Term will be discontinued:

Transition Rules:

  • Effective Sept. 29, 2017 the AGL versions of ROP Select-a-Term and Elite Index II product will be discontinued
  • Sept 29, 2017 - new applications must be received in the home office by this date
    • applications received on or prior to this date MUST be FULLY completed, signed and dated or they will be rejected at submission
    • new application will not be accepted for these products after this date
  • Nov 29, 2017 - applications received in good order by Sept 29, 2017 MUST be paid and inforce by this date
    • currently pending applications MUST also be paid and inforce by this date
    • for applications not paid and inforce by this date, another available AGL product MUST be chosen.