Who Works With Us

From individual agents and financial advisors to property casualty agencies, regional financial service firms and banks, thousands of financial service professionals have trusted Underwriters Brokerage Service to be their partner for insurance solutions.

Life Insurance Professionals:

We continuously evaluate our competitive carrier and product portfolio to increase the quality and range of available choices.

  • Gives you more time for client relationships
  • Helps you focus on closing sales
  • Enables you to take your business to the next level

Financial Advisors:

Insurance and risk protection products are essential to a successful financial, retirement and estate plan.

  • We assist at all levels including plan design and point-of-sale
  • You maintain your focus in an advisor role
  • Protecting and enhancing your client relationship is our priority
  • We don’t sell directly to the public so we are not your competition

Property Casualty Agents:

Sales of life insurance and related products help expand and retain your customer base.

  • Conveniently leverage existing business and personal lines of customer relationships
  • Your CSRs and Account Managers maintain focus on your core business
  • Substantially add to your bottom line

When insurance is an appropriate solution for your clients’ personal or business planning needs, we provide you with the right plan design and product at the right price. 


Leverage Our Expertise.  Build Your Business.